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 What to expect 

    adultsWhat to Expect at Battlefield Assembly

    Now that you’ve found our website – some of your questions may be: 

    • What should I Wear?
      • Those who would prefer to wear suits and dress attire will feel comfortable.
      • Some of our adherents wear more casual clothing and that is also appropriate.
      • Be yourself and be comfortable,  you're at home.
      • Modest attire is appropriate.
    • What is Battlefield AG like?

    YES - CHURCH like you grew up with!

    • If you are longing for church as it used to be, you'll feel at home at Battlefield Assembly!

    Come experience: - Choruses and Hymns like you grew up with. Heartfelt worship at a pleasant volume.

    How about no earplugs needed, no strobe lights etc. Sound good?

    Our goal is to honor God - AN AUDIENCE OF ONE.

    Anointed ministry from the Word - not man's opinions or the latest "self-help ideas".

    Pastors who love and care for you.

    Our Pastoral TEAM emphasizes the worship of God and allows the Holy Spirit to move freely.

    The Holy Spirit is welcome and given His rightful place.

     Jesus the Healer is present and operates freely in each service.

    God the Father presides over each service.

    We want everyone to be aware there is a church that values worship and ministry as was the norm in prior years. Those types of worship to the King are relevant today and occur each week at Battlefield Assembly.

    We have Sunday School on Sunday mornings at 9:30 for adults.

    Then Church at 10:30 in the main sanctuary featuring heartfelt praise and worship (including both hymns, traditional and modern choruses) and the anointed preaching of God's Word.

    Wednesday Bible study service in the Sanctuary at 7 PM.

    We also have a senior citizen group (S.A.L.T. - Senior Adults Living Triumphantly).

    Missions Sunday is the First Sunday of each month.

    Holy Communion is celebrated on the Second Sunday of each month.

    You’re never just a number here - we consider you a part of our family

    Give us a try this week - we'd love to say to you, "Welcome Home”.

      Battlefield Assembly of God
      5154 S. State HWY FF  | Battlefield, MO 65619 | PH: (417) 882-1116