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Saturday, November 11 2017
I Stand Amazed

With regard to patriotism in America, I stand amazed on two counts.

My heart is thrilled to hear up to date and current stories of American heroes on battlefields who fall on grenades to save the lives of their fellow soldiers exactly as their ancestors did in previous generations. The levels of competence, excellence and commitment in our current generation rival those of “the greatest generation”. War is fought differently now but with the same courage and willingness to die for God, country and flag.

I stand amazed.     

But my second amazement is no less profound than the first.

My heart aches at the continued flagrant disrespect shown to our country, our anthem and our flag at sporting events staffed by the finest athletes in the world, sired and groomed by the Nation they lampoon at a moment when they might serve as catalysts to unite. Their callous disregard for the blood of their peers being shed around the globe to protect their right to such misguided protest shocks me.

I stand amazed. 

But I also stand amazed that we are part of a nation so tolerant and forgiving that we allow such goings on. I am amazed at such Grace.

It is high time that we return to our roots of “one nation under God”.

I stand!


Pastor Richard Orrell

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