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 Pastor's Pen 
Saturday, September 20 2014
Call on Him!

Romans 10:13 makes this powerful statement: "for whosever shall call upon the name of The Lord shall be saved".

In younger, stronger days we might well have asked the question, saved from what? We were bullet-proof, bull strong and in some cases bull-headed. We needed no help with anything. But as time passed, we became painfully aware that we face things from time to time for which we have no solutions.  Situations develop that overwhelm our strengths and take advantage of the weaknesses we  refused to acknowledge in our youthful arrogance.

It is then we discover God has been waiting for our defenses to fold. He has patiently allowed reality to underscore our need for Someone on whom we can rely in times of stress. Our frantic call of distress finds the heart of God. Help comes immediately as we wisely ask forgiveness.

The life we lay willingly on the altar of repentance is cleaned up, handed back to us with the power of the Holy Spirit installed. Suddenly, life makes sense. Optimism and faith pervade our lives. And we get it...we needed to be saved; from sin, from satan, and from ourselves.  It's true;  whosoever shall call upon the name of The Lord shall be saved!

So call now...!

Lovingly,   Pastor Rich Orrell

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Saturday, September 13 2014
Divine Recall Notice

This week's Pastor's Pen is available by clicking the link below.   Hope to see you all on Sunday.   We will be celebrating Communion in the AM service - come expecting a blessing.

Click here to read Divine Recall Notice:

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Saturday, September 06 2014
Keeping in Balance

Some people cruise through life with hardly a ripple. Others go from one violent crisis to the next. Perhaps the difference between the two is related to “balance”. If we can manage to make the Lord the center of our lives, His presence at the heart of things keeps us in balance. If we try to have more than one center, terrible imbalances occur and we self-destruct. Ask any Mom what happens when the load in the washer gets badly out of balance. Especially when working with heavy loads such as denim, it doesn’t take long to discover, things must be carefully balanced or mayhem ensues.

Similarly, anyone who has had the misfortune to purchase badly balanced tires can relate horror stories of violent shaking and difficulty controlling the vehicle until proper balance could be restored.

Life can be a lot like either of these illustrations. If God is at the center of our lives with everything else in good alignment to Him, life goes smoothly. When we put anything else at the center, life can shake itself to pieces rather quickly.

Does living your life remind you of riding a bucking bronco? Do you feel like you are up today, down tomorrow, in today and totally outside God’s grace tomorrow? Perform an in-depth self-check and make sure you have not tried to make God satellite to something else at the center. He does not do well as a counter-balance. The Eternal weight of His Glory requires that He be THE center of everything. Then all else will find its rightful orbit around His stable Presence.

Be blessed as you make Christ the center and pivot point of life!

In Christ’s love,

Pastor Rich Orrell

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