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Saturday, August 26 2017
Never alone

The old gentleman had been home barely a week from his latest heart episode. And although he had been quietly trying to comply with the doctor's instructions, he just couldn't wait another day to get in on the spring crappie fishing. His wife protested that she could not go along and there was no one else to accompany him in his small fishing boat on such a large lake. But against her wishes he drove around the corner and down the hill to the fishing dock to scratch his fishing itch.

Faithfully, his wife of many years prayed as she watched for his distinctive little aluminum boat to come chugging around the point of land that would lead him into the open water of the Lake of the Ozarks.

Amazed, she noted someone else sitting in the front seat as he plowed through the chop forging his way to his secret crappie beds.

"Oh, thank goodness he found someone to fish with him today of all days!"  She thought as she dismissed her concerns of him aged and alone on the bosom of such a massive inland sea.

Hours later she idly looked up as he rounded the point heading back to the dock. Gratitude filled her heart as she noted the faithful presence of his friend seated in the bow of the little boat. 

"I'll have to ask him who it was when he gets home", she mused.

Shortly, with the customary rattle of the chain-driven garage door, his arrival home was announced.

After her usual question about his fishing luck she brightly asked, "So who was that with you today?"

"Nobody", he said.  "There wasn't a soul around so I just went by myself."

Well, you can imagine the energetic discussion that ensued as she pointed out that she knew his boat, and that no one else was on the water but he and his friend, and there was no way she could be mistaken...

It was only later that they put two and two together, remembering Jesus had promised He would never leave us nor forsake us. The unknown Stranger in the bow of the boat that day was One who was very familiar with small boats, high winds and crashing waves.

As you go through your latest storm remember you are not alone either, no more than the old gentleman was that day. 

Rest in the assurance of the Presence of the Lord.


Pastor Richard Orrell

Posted by: Pastor Rich Orrell AT 01:01 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
Saturday, August 19 2017
He's always right on time

God is Faithful

Philippians 1:6   NLT

And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.”

We were entering ministry and had a home to sell prior to moving.   Prime rate was 19%, nothing was selling.

Our God brought us a ‘cash sale’ for the amount we’d asked for and it happened, yes, right at the last minute, but right on time.

Then the next dilema, I was to arrive at our new church severeal weeks prior to shool letting out, so needed my family to stay put till the boys were out of school.   We thought we'd have to rent a place for them to stay for that few weeks.  

Alas, God was concerned about that as well, and He had everything under control.    The folks who purchased our home weren't wanting to move in for several weeks, so we rented our own house - what a blessing.

God arranged for our family continue to live in that house for a few weeks till we were ready to actually move the family. 

God knows how much I hate to move, especially twice. 😊

God is so good and His timing is perfect.

God took care of our family and he’ll take care of you my friends.  He’s always right on time!

Love ya,  Pastor Phil  😊   

Posted by: Pastor Phil Illum AT 06:00 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
Saturday, August 12 2017
God - our protector

The startlingly blue '67 VW Beetle was humming like a sewing machine. Autumn embraced the Ozarks with mild temperatures and low humidity. Cascades of gold, yellow and red billowed into the streets from every tree that day as he headed out on his usual Saturday morning sales trip. Appointments with prospective buyers conjured nearly believable dreams of a school bill stamped, "paid in full".  Responsibility for his wife and unborn child weighed heavily upon his young shoulders as he rehearsed the sales presentation for the cookware "no household could do without". 

The young man idly noted the eighteen wheeler loaded with creosote-treated fence posts coming to meet him. 

"What's that hanging off the side of the trailer?" He wondered as the truck barreled toward him. 

With horrified fascination he realized he was looking at the broken end of the chain that was supposed to be holding the load of fence posts on the trailer!

In the split second he had left, it dawned on him there was no place to go; no way to dodge the cascade of posts falling directly into his path. 

"Jesus!" He screamed at the top of his lungs, instinctively diving to the seat beside him and covering his head. 

Long moments passed as he awaited the inevitable impact of the many posts bouncing like jack straws in his lane. 

When nothing happened he raised his head and saw his car was still slowly moving in his own lane without a mark on it! He had somehow driven right through the storm of posts coming at him! Not one had touched the little VW!

But isn't that often the way God brings us through yet another of life's perfect storms? Certain destruction looms ahead. There is no way over it, under it, nor around we just go through it! Somehow, God pulls off another feeding of the 5,000 or a stroll on the water, or something or somebody that was dead comes back to life at His touch! 

Don't give up on what God has spoken into your spirit. Against all odds you may yet prevail. Trust the Lord. He has a plan to get you through. 

A fellow traveler,

Richard Orrell

Posted by: Pastor Rich Orrell AT 06:35 am   |  Permalink   |  Email
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