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Monday, March 17 2014
Turn the page!

Wow! What an amazing time of year to be alive. Watching new life spring from winter's cold dead ground reminds us that God can take the most impossible situation and turn it around.

Even the vagaries of weather this time of year have lessons sewn into the lining of the clouds. One can easily see that one day's weather does not dictate what the year holds. Although a late winter storm may surprise us with an inch or two of snow, our knowledge of the calendar and its reliability causes us to go on with our tomato planting plans. We may in fact use the down time of waiting for the storm to pass as time to prep the mower for grass cutting season. Now that's faith!

And so it is with our emotions. The day's challenges, disappointments, stumbles, or storms cannot dissuade the Believer from the settled confidence he has in God's Word. As certainly as April follows March and May precedes June, the person whose life is built on the veracity of the Bible rests in the truth that today came to did not come to stay. 

So, if you find yourself in a trying time of life, don't park there. Watch as the seasons change around you and accept the fact that your season of life is rather like them. The change for the better that is coming in our weather is based on two things; God's Word and the calendar. He promised in Genesis 8:22 that, "While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease." That promise and the inexorable turn of the calendar's page convince us of coming change for the better.

Would you now also accept this; whatever your current situation, it WILL get better? Come on! Turn the page! Fire up the grill! Start that garden! Break out the mower! Live your life! Come out and BE the champion God has made you.

Pastor Rich

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