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Sunday, March 30 2014
Build on a firm foundation!

Foundation repair is an industry that seems to be flourishing in our area if the number of TV ads is any indicator. Because of the composition of the soil beneath the surface, many homes experience cracked foundations due to heaving and settling. The builder may have used all his expertise in laying the foundation and building the house but if the ground underneath the foundation is subject to movement, cracks will eventually develop.

One cannot help but wonder if that is what is happening with the terrible cracks developing in the foundations of society. What is beneath the surface of a culture that protects to the extreme the lives of helpless animals but casually sacrifices its unborn children on the altars of inconvenience? What gaping crevasses yawn under the façade of Hollywood banalities reinforced with artificial laugh tracks? Have we allowed ourselves to be duped into building the structure of our lives on the shifting sands of popularity? Have we rejected the solid societal substrata offered by God’s Holy Word only to complain about the instabilities inherent in a self-absorbed narcissistic world in which one’s personal desires and perceived needs trump all else?

It might be a good thing for us to return to the simple truth of loving God and loving our neighbor as ourselves. That is exactly what Paul presents in Romans 13:8-14 as bedrock on which one can successfully build a life.

Love ya,  Pastor Rich

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