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Saturday, November 01 2014
Jump Start or Rebuilding needed?

It was bitterly cold that morning as I ground the starter on my high-mileage old clunker. Fortunately, I had left myself a bit of extra time due to the frigid pool of Polar air settling in for one of winter’s nasty little surprises. As my battery reached the end of its cranking capacities a friend noticed I was having problems and stopped to help. He had an extra fully charged battery with him and a good set of jumper cables.

“Surely there’s enough power here to get the old fliver going.” I said optimistically as the connections were made.

Soon, both batteries were totally depleted and my car still refused to start.

I gave up and accepted the ride to work graciously offered by my friend.

That evening, once again with the help of my friend from church, I found that the motor had internal problems that made it physically impossible for it to start and run. No amount of cranking could repair the problem inside. Cranking wasn’t the problem

Our lives are sometimes like that old car. There are internal problems that must be repaired before we can ever run on our own. Most often, the repair begins with a trip to the altar and a prayer of repentance. Many of life’s worst difficulties can be fixed by asking God to forgive us and restore us.

Tired of trying yet another “jump start” for a life that won’t run? Come meet God at the altar. Let Him reach inside and repair all that internal damage.

“Just as I am, without one plea, but that thy blood was shed for me!” Now that is still the right way to come to Him.

See You at church!

Pastor Rich Orrell

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