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Saturday, July 18 2015
Our patriotic duty as Christians

Well, we have celebrated our nation and our freedoms one more time as the 4th of July has come and gone. The spectrum of expressions has run the gamut from traditional cookouts and family fireworks to massive gatherings of thousands spending millions, lighting up the sky with incredible displays. The red white and blue of our country's flag have once again thrilled our hearts and challenged us to excellence in our commitments to the land of the free and the home of the brave. 

But our hearts have also experienced a terrible chill as we have seen some abuse their freedoms, paid for with the blood of the Patriots. A few shrill voices were raised in hateful criticism of the very system that gives them the right to protest. Shameful and degrading things were publicly done to the flag most of us revere. 

A battle looms on the horizon for the survival of our way of life. 

In many other countries, when opposing forces meet to decide supremacy, blood runs in the streets and no one really wins. But in this Republic, for which our flag stands, the battlefield is the polling place. 

With important elections already filling our inboxes and airwaves, it is incumbent on us as Christians and as Americans to register as voters, to assist others to register, to study the candidates and issues, and to VOTE. We have no right to complain about the direction our ship of state is heading if we have done nothing to affect its course. 

Finally;  We really need to pray for our great nation. It was birthed on its knees in agonizing prayer. It has come through many crises on its knees. And if we are to remain the strong force for good that God intends, we must remain on our knees in prayer to Him who raised us up!

In faith, believing...

Richard Orrell, Pastor

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