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Saturday, October 03 2015
It's not always what it seems

We felt fortunate not to have wrecked but were honestly wondering why the delay with the flat tire when we had prayed for divine protection before starting our trek from the safety of home.  

The only tire shop in town just happened to have a trailer tire in the correct size. After negotiations using our interpreter, we paid the steep price and waited "patiently" while the tire was put on the trailer.  

It was only when we were asked to come see what they had found that we realized the answer to our prayer. The shop near home that had serviced the trailer prior to our departure had failed to tighten the lug nuts on the wheels. They were close to falling off and might have caused a serious accident. It was only the annoying flat from the near-miss with the express bus that saved us from worse trouble ahead.

Makes me wonder what else God might be protecting us from when we experience life's little exasperations.

Be thankful for all things! (Paraphrasing Ephesians 5:20)


Pastor Rich Orrell

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