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Saturday, March 12 2016
The value of praise

The book of Psalms in the Bible closes with this suggestion: 

"Let everything that breathes sing praises to the Lord! Praise the Lord!" NLT 

I have become convinced of the necessity of praise. Encapsulated within praise are several facets of healthy thinking.

To praise God is to acknowledge there is Someone larger than life's current crisis. Simple praise also stems from a truly thankful heart. It requires that one focus on the good that's all around rather than on the pervasive evil of a godless society. Provision occupies center stage, not the perceived lack likely stemming from clever sales pitches sandwiched among progressively smaller bites of actual programming.

This person who has learned the secret of praise is deeply aware of the personal Presence of the Lord in each of life's convoluted challenges. HE becomes central in their thinking. The first thought in this person's morning is praise. Throughout their day the mantra of their mind and their mouth is praise. And the final thing uttered as blessed sleep overtakes is praise. 

What can you do with someone who does not allow anything or anyone to crush their ebullient inner person? They cannot be killed because they already died to sin and self at an altar of prayer. They refuse to be discouraged because they are convinced that no matter how daunting the circumstances God has a plan. Aloneness just gives them more time with the Lord and His Word. In their isolation they might just write a new song or poem! 

Reading the Bible through brings the conclusion that the great people of God have always been those who praise matter what. 


Pastor Richard Orrell

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