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Saturday, December 03 2016
The fear of the Lord

We never did know exactly who was killed in the cave-in or if it really happened but the  prospect of suffocation looms as a very real memory.

You see, there was a sand pit near the elementary school we attended as children. We could see banks of inviting yellow sand sticking up above the palmetto scrub as we jostled along the highway headed home in the school bus after the final bell of the day. There was some sort of fence between DeLeon Springs Elementary and the forbidden sand pits. But it wasn't the fence that kept us out. It was fear. The legend of the kids who ditched school and went exploring in the sand pits, never to be seen alive again was often repeated. Tales of how they dug into one of those banks of sand and how it caved in on them were vivid and quite real to children with powerful imaginations. We were being protected from very real  dangers by an underlying drive for self preservation.

Perhaps something like that is being hinted at by the scriptural statement, "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom". If we respect the  possibility of eternal retribution from Someone absolutely in charge, we may well be motivated to research His requirements and comply.     

Perhaps not for love of His sterling nature, but in simple self-preservation we begin our search. As we discover He is real, we learn that His character and nature deserve our love, praise, worship and devotion.  The relationship that  began with, "thou shall NOT", developed into, "Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest". As we learn the truth of His terrible sacrifice for each of us on Calvary's cruel cross, we fall hopelessly in love with our real, warm, loving, wonderful and forgiving Heavenly Father.


Richard Orrell, Lead Pastor


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