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 Pastor's Pen 
Saturday, March 25 2017
Doing your own thing affects others.

Our second trip to Israel had begun well. The tour group had gathered to JFK in NYC from many quadrants of the compass. All flights had been on time. Each had found their way through the labyrinth of concourses. Soon all thirty seven of us were in the long line wrestling our carryons toward the door of our overseas chariot.

Seat backs were upright, trays were raised and fastened, luggage bins were closed, the seatbelt light was on, the flight crew was seated as the captain announced our departure.

At that moment, several passengers thought of something in their overhead luggage that they "just couldn't live without". In spite of pointed and tersely worded commands for them to be seated we waited approximately 45 minutes while passenger after passenger stood to retrieve the indispensable from the overhead luggage bins.

Finally! We pulled back from the gate and soared out over the North Atlantic toward our spiritual homeland.

But alas; due to the refusal of a few to listen to the voice of wisdom we missed our window of opportunity during which we would have benefited from a powerful tail wind saving tons of fuel. Many of us on that flight missed our first few itinerary stops because the captain was forced to stop for fuel in Athens, Greece.

There are some valuable life lessons contained in that flight:

1. Listen to the voice of authority.

2. There is often a very good reason for rules.

3. One's actions may be detrimental to many others.

4.  Difficult times in your life may not be your fault. It may be that you are being adversely affected by unwise or self-centered actions of others.

Makes me think of Jesus' words: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.


Richard Orrell, Pastor

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