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Saturday, March 18 2017
What the world needs is Jesus

"What the world needs is Jesus"

Friends - often we are overwhealmed by the hustle and bustle of the busy lives we live.

We face financial challenges, physical emergencies, family unrest and yes, then there are the politics and world events.

The Scriptures say that in the last days we will have these items and even that men's hearts would fail them for fear.  Yes - we're in the last days, I do belive.  The signs are everywhere, just as the Scripture has foretold.

The 'experts' on TV tell us their solution to everything - - - but they're only flailing in the dark.   What the world needs is Jesus - nothing else will satisfy.

Join us this Sunday at Battlefield Assembly - where you'll hear anointed ministry from the World - the old-time gospel shared.   

You'll also hear encouraging and uplifting hymns and choruses, the way you remember them from the past.    If you're looking for a church that is similar to what you grew up with - you'll find a home at Battlefield Assembly.

What the world needs is Jesus my friend - come join us as we worship Him this Sunday.   A little talk with Jesus makes it all right!

See you Sunday :-) 

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