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Saturday, September 23 2017
Master of the storm

The disciples of Jesus had seen enough in their years on the sea to know they were in serious trouble. Galilee had often cast up bits of wreckage and swollen victims after storms just like this one. 

The monster raged sending towering waves smashing into their small boat as it shook it's valiant head and plunged on into the darkness. 

We're not certain who it was who thought of it first;  "If He fed the crowds with a kid's sack lunch, couldn't He do something about this storm??"

And so they woke Him up from a well earned, fatigue induced sleep. 

"Master! Don't you even care that we are about to drown?!"

The brashness of it sounds rather like Peter. But truth be told, we don't know which of the beleaguered sailors was so direct with the Lord. 

Quickly Jesus spoke to the wind and waves, bringing order to the chaos of the storm. 

As the disciples struggled to comprehend the power they had just witnessed, Jesus asked the strangest questions: "Why are you so fearful?" And, "How is it that YOU have no faith?" (Mark 4:40, emphasis mine)

His response prompts one to suppose that had they realized it, the disciples could have spoken to the storm and let Him rest. After all, He had taught them that mustard seed faith is sufficient for mountain moving and tree uprooting. 

What a powerful visual for the disciples that must have been! And such wisdom for Him to connect faith with problem solving in everyday life!

Hopefully we will each catch the lesson as well. And hopefully we will learn to address the storms of life we encounter with the same confidence in our Father who hears us when we pray. 

Be aware, the Master of the storm rides with you. 


Richard Orrell, pastor

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