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Friday, October 05 2018
Do it again!

Interesting how easily one recognizes the significant after it has passed. So it was that day on the beach with our little ones. It was just a moment between parents and a small child; a seemingly light hearted and passing thing to be enjoyed and forgotten. Yet here we are decades later recalling with wonder that delightful instant when my wife and I noticed the wave coming. Together we gripped a bit tighter those two chubby little hands we were holding. We lifted our little one just high enough, so the wave didn't smack her in the face, but low enough so she felt the thrill of a close call.

"Do it again daddy!" She cackled with the delightful laughter only a child can produce.  "Do it again!"

And of course, we did "do it again" until we thought our arms would fall off!

A series of events that could easily have turned tragic became the highlight of a very special day for our small family.

In retrospect, isn't life rather like that special time when we lifted our child above the crashing wave? Our Heavenly Father walks with us through life's challenging events. We are not the first of His sheep to walk this valley. He knows it well. So, in His wisdom He allows us to forge through life as well as we might. But on occasion, knowing we are passing our limits, He lifts us just enough so life does not crush us.

Our daughter that day did not possess the wisdom to avoid the larger waves nor did she have the strength to face them on her own. But she had us!

You may not be any better off than she as you face life's storm of the day. But your Father walks the path with you. Treacherous though your challenges may be, they are no match for your Father!

"Love lifted me. Love lifted me. When nothing else could help, love lifted me!"

God be with you...

Richard Orrell

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